Importance of quality foundation

As many of you might already know, it’s extremely important to have a strong foundation in anything and everything.

It’s not only important for building a house and laying pavement, but is also crucial with everything else like relationships, friendship and even plants.

It might sound strange as you’re reading this, but bare with me…

I’ve interviewed Richard, owner of one of the local concrete companies and received fantastic insight based on their previous experiences.

As the company started, the quality of work and customer acquisition was everything that mattered. It was just Richard and the locals he’d hired.

Because of their hard work and dedication to every customer, the business grew and so did the reputation.

Once the word spread about their amazing work and competitive pricing, Richard had to hire more help and that’s when the relationship importance really began to hit him.

As a contractor, he’s not extremely friendly, he said, and he’s even worse at building relationships. At that time he was the only one working and his wife was a freelance sales person for a large health organization.

She was a natural relationship builder, so Richard decided to bring her into the business and help with keeping everyone in sync. Now, that might sound like a general manager to most, but their situation was much different.

Because Richard was all about the work and didn’t have time to manage finances or relationships, his wife was put in charge of doing both of those.

That’s when their business started to really progress.

Believe it or not, but I have experienced this in my own life, when I was 24 years old, I decided to start a food delivery company. I’ve partnered with a guy I knew from High School and we put all of our money into this.

I was very passionate about growing our business, but my partner Josh wasn’t quite as excited and lived in a world full of distractions like girls and booze.

Since we were 50/50 partners, this was totally unfair, but it never bothered Josh.

Our business was around 3k per month in revenue from subscriptions, mostly due to my hard work and dedication.

By that time Josh was spending most of his time busy with another online venture he’d started on his own, but the thing was… That we were still splitting the money.

As you might be guessing, our relationship as business partners didn’t go far or much longer. I didn’t think about it much back then, but now… i’m starting to realize that one of the biggest reasons Josh slid away from the business, is because he didn’t really care much about the idea. The foundation for his excitement just wasn’t there.

I ended up running that business into the ground after making a couple of bad investments, but lucky me, I didn’t get in debt like many business owners out there.

It taught me a valuable lesson and it is to always be passionate and excited about what you do, surround yourself with like minded people and be sure to only let those who are equally as passionate about your idea or product enter the business.

Building a shed or even a house

My buddy Jason and I we’re talking earlier today about building. Conversation started with him telling me about his latest plans of building a brand new wooden shed in his back yard while he had a week break from work.

He’s a DIYer for most projects, but I told him that a shed isn’t just some bozo project… It needs skill, proper equipment and materials…

If anyone’s looking to build a wooden construction of any kind, I highly recommend watching the video below. It give an overview for what it REALLY takes to build with wood and show everything on an actual house.